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Infinity Pool

Seminyak Best Sunset Venue

Where Dreams Paint the Sky

Perched atop the shores of the Indian Ocean, Infinity Pool stands as the epitome of seaside elegance, offering an awe-inspiring canvas of breathtaking sunsets that will forever etch themselves into your memory. With an expansive 170 meters of absolute oceanfront along the renowned Seminyak beach, our Infinity Pool promises you an unparalleled experience that is just a 5-minute escape from the vibrant heart of Seminyak.

What Awaits You at Infinity Pool:

  • Spectacular Sunsets: Our pool boasts stunning Indian Ocean sunsets that transform the sky into a masterpiece, making it a mesmerizing backdrop to your moments of tranquility.

  • Sun-Kissed Comfort: Bask in the glow of the tropical sun from the plush sun loungers on the expansive pool deck, while the Manja Corner caters to families, and the Oceanfront infinity pool beckons adults seeking an idyllic retreat, each accommodating up to 2 guests.

  • An Experience Beyond Compare: Infinity Pool offers an experience that is unrivaled in Bali. It leaves all who grace its shores, relaxed, sun-kissed, and yearning for the day they can return.

Opening Hours:

07:00 AM – 07:00 PM

Experience the allure of Seminyak’s Best Sunset Venue. Join us and let your dreams paint the sky in the most vibrant hues.